alisa z.

Beauty Content Creator
Freelance Writer
Aspiring Web Developer & UI/UX Designer


Hello! My name's Alisa and I'm a 24-year-old Malaysian content creator and freelance writer. My main focus is beauty, primarily skin care, but I do occasionally dabble with makeup, hair care and body care.

I am currently a contributing writer for HERMO's Beauty Memo, and have written for beauty-focused blog, CosmePerks prior to this opportunity as well. However, you can also read more product reviews on my Instagram as it all started from there.

I'm also an aspiring developer, focusing on Web Development and UI/UX as I do have a personal interest in merging my love of design and tech seamlessly. Coding languages I've dabbled with include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, Bootstrap, MongoDB, MySQL and jQuery.

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For beauty-related opportunities, please email: [email protected]
(I don't bite! 😉)

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